With 30 years experience behind us – we know how important it is to leave no stone unturned. We work extremely closely with our clients to understand their requirements and the way in which they would like to live.  We call it the ‘human touch’.  It’s a question of whether they are right or left handed, what sort of heating system they prefer, discovering order to find out exactly what they don’t want as well as respect their dreams and aspirations not to mention the must-haves.  We are then certain to include all of this vital information into the scheme effectively keeping the end result nestled firmly in our minds.

The icing on the cake. Throughout the course of the project we get to know what our clients are likely to choose. Again, we work closely working within the remit of the scheme style and budget and make suggestions for the FF&E. Our procurement team will purchase all the items and dress the property accordingly.


​We work with various architects whether recommended by ourselves or introduced to us as part of a wider team.


We understand that discretion is paramount.

Sarah Ward

Managing Director

Rosie Ward

Associate Director

Emily Goldsmith

Junior Designer

Andrew Lamb

Studio Manager

Joyce Craveiro

Senior Designer

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