10 Tips for Stunning Home Styling

Styling a home can seem overwhelming, even when trying to create a minimal clean look! Here are 10 tips from Sarah to help achieve that stunning style to create a comfortable and curated home.

Consider the Ceilings

Don’t forget about the 5th plane of design! Ceilings are a wonderful canvas that, when used correctly, can impart massive impact into a space. Use your ceiling to balance out your floors or blend them in with your walls for a sleeker look. Paying attention to the details, however simple the design may be, can give your space a thoughtful, customized look.

Wallcoverings Over Paint

Use your walls as a canvas! Take your walls one step beyond paint and invest in a fantastic wallcovering to elevate the look and feel of a space. Replacing a much-loved paint colour with a simple and chic wallcovering will add texture and infuse your space with a little something extra.

Bespoke Joinery

Hide your mess behind something beautiful! Using custom, bespoke joinery is a great investment to elevate a space. It creates a beautiful accent within a room and is very functional as well. Joinery is a wonderful solution to create storage and conceal media equipment. Taking the rooms focus off of the TV is a great way to make small spaces multi-use.


Neutralize Your Staple Pieces

Incredible spaces can transition through changing trends and still work within your budget! The best way to achieve these pesky transitions will be to keep all of your large staple pieces in neutral tones and colours. Use fabrics that will wear well and make sure to pay attention to maintenance needs. This will allow you to change accessories and smaller pieces to keep up with changing trends.


Accessorize with Colour

Pop some colour into a space with fabulous accessories! As previously mentioned, keeping your larger staple pieces neutral can allow your space to transition through changing trends. Infuse your space with colour within your cushions and smaller accessories. These things are often easier and less expensive to change when colour trends change over time.

Layer Textures

Don’t break the bank covering every surface in that incredible textile you found! Layering textures on soft surfaces and through cushions will allow you to create a dynamic and bespoke look. Choosing fabrics with richer more plush textures and combining them with softer more delicate fabrics are a great place to start.


Create Contrast

Add drama to a space with contrasting elements! Contrast can be created in a multitude of ways. Two of our favourite ways are through colour and alternating finishes. Juxtaposing metals with soft surfaces can create a dramatic and intense look. Adding dark rich tones to a lighter neutral space, or vice versa, will draw the eye and create visual interest. Creating contrast can be a simple way to balance out your home.


Bold Statement Wall

Create a focal point inside a room with a bold statement wall! This can be accomplished through using a splash of colour, a contrasting tone or even an incredible wall covering. Creating an accent wall within your space is a fantastic way to stay on budget and also give that room an exciting element.


Start a Conversation

Let your home speak for you! Don’t underestimate that old piece from your grandmother that you love, or that fantastic item you discovered on holiday! Keep what you love around you and build off that. If you keep one or two (or 10) pieces that are interesting to you in your spaces, chances are others will find that interesting as well. Not only can these pieces create an eclectic space that tells people about who you are, but they are great conversation starters during that lull in a gathering.


Stimulate the Senses

Keep your space interesting by stimulating more than just the eyes! Use a relaxing scent diffuser to make you home smell pleasant. Add incredible textures that are impossible not to touch. Create visual interest through tips discussed throughout this article to catch and draw the eye. Consider using acoustic properties (sound absorptive items) to ensure your home is not too loud, especially If you live in the city. Of course, when having visitors over its always nice to offer a treat to tantalise the taste buds.