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    Dining room pendants in the X Factor house: get the look

    Dining room pendants in the X Factor house: get the look   We’ve been featured on Prime Location  Read more :  https://www.primelocation.com/discover/featured-homes/x-factor-house-dining-room-pendants-get-the-look/#DT0oR6WzyOrFxBUk.97

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    Interior design resolutions for 2018

      A New Year is always a good time to turn a new page and start afresh. So here are some interior design resolutions to help you improve your living...

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    Fireplaces as focal points

    Fireplaces have created natural focal points for rooms for hundreds of years and today, even in the most modern house, a fireplace or freestanding woodburning stone imparts a welcoming atmosphere....

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    Stylish Christmas decoration ideas

    We’re big on Instagram and it’s a fantastic place to find new ideas and inspiration. This week we’ve been looking at stylish ideas for Christmas decoration on our Instagram page...

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    How to create a bedroom that will make you sleep better

      In the news recently a Nobel Prize winner, neuroscientist Michael Rosbash, warned that Western society is suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. We are disrupting our natural circadian rhythm – our...

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    How to do rustic

     So you’re thinking rustic style. Maybe you just bought a barn and you’re wondering how to decorate it. Or maybe your house in the countryside needs an update. Or...

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    How to choose an interior designer

    Choosing an interior designer has a lot to do with chemistry and communication. In fact, when you think about it, working with an interior designer who has the vision to...

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    10 ways to make a small space appear larger – but still luxurious

        Space is at a premium these days, even in the most impressive Belgravia town house. So every area has to work hard – and look beautiful as...

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    A splash of colour

    The Interiors by SW design team have recently begun work on an exciting new project. Project Kaliopi’s theme is centred around the colour gold which the client requested. As...

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    How to light a bathroom

    You might not immediately realise it, but a bathroom is actually something of a multi-tasking room. In fact, in some ways, it’s not dissimilar to a kitchen in that...

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