Chalet Interiors

A unique style, the luxury ski chalet aesthetic is no longer restricted just to the mountains, but has become somewhat of a design trend in its own right. Aimed at making use of the stunning views of the mountains, whilst providing its visitors with a comfortable and sociable space to relax in. The key styles of the luxury ski chalet can in fact transform any interior into a tranquil mountain retreat.

Creating a cosy yet sociable environment

There’s nothing quite like curling up in a cosy ski chalet at the end of a long day on the slopes, and design is crucial when ensuring that a chalet lends itself to both relaxing and socialising. A roaring fireplace as a centrepiece and a couple of oversized, comfortable sofas to sink into at the end of the day with friends is a must. We use area rugs, fur throws and plenty of large, plush cushions to maintain the feeling of comfort and relaxation within our chalet interiors.

Open-plan living and dining areas also lend themselves well to evenings spent eating and drinking in front of the log fire, as well as creating a sense of light and space. It’s also important to have a large dining area or breakfast bar for guests to utilise. If space is limited, extendable dining tables are the perfect space-saving alternative.

Making use of natural materials

Ski chalets are renowned for their rustic, wooden façades and prolific use of timber panelling, wide wooden floorboards and low beams. The use of natural materials gives a more traditional, homely feel; perfect for returning to from the cold of the mountains.

The use of wood and stone is not only more environmentally friendly, but creates more of an ‘earthy’ feel in your interior, with imperfect wooden surfaces and calm, pale tones. We fused modern-living and rustic chalet-chic, for example, with our timber and glass winding staircase.

Making the most of breath-taking views

Spatial planning is key when it comes to making the most of the spectacular views over the mountains and lakes in your chalet. Windows and balconies should be strategically placed in order to make the most of light and space. Panoramic or floor-length windows are perfect for larger vistas and will create more of a visual impact. Timber-framed windows will also mimic the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Creating a luxurious yet practical space

When it comes to designing chalet interiors, it’s important to remember that the main reason for guests to visit is to enjoy time on the slopes. By creating an interior that is both luxurious and practical, you can ensure that your guests’ stay is as carefree as possible.

Think carefully about how your guests will come and go during their stay. We make use of two entrance doors for example; one for entering with snowy ski boots and one for leaving, complete with a boot-warmer rack for warming your toes before heading back out into the snow.