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How can statement pieces transform an interior scheme?

One of the most effective ways of bringing a room to life is incorporating an eye-catching statement piece into your scheme; something with that much-desired ‘wow factor’. Not only will you stir up plenty of conversation amongst your guests, but statement-making furniture can transform any space from ordinary to extraordinary.

In short, the right statement piece can dictate the mood of an entire room and can be the key to pulling a look together. It’s important, however, not to fall into the trap of going overboard when using statement pieces. We have shared some of our top tips to creating an eye-catching, yet well-balanced interior.

Dare to be bold

Be confident in your choice of colours, patterns and textures. A statement piece should exude individuality and presence, so it’s OK to step out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting textures or patterns when it comes to your statement piece. Combine rough with polished, or simple with elaborate to add variation into your scheme.

Bold, oversized wall art, for example, can make a huge impact on an interior, particularly when framed by a calm, minimalist space.

Make your statement piece the focal point

The idea of a statement piece is to stop your visitors in their tracks and draw the eye to a specific spot in the room. It’s important to consider where your eye is naturally drawn to when you walk into a room. Hanging wall art at eye level, for example, will create an instant impact. Glistening chandeliers hanging overhead, large area rugs, or unique pieces of furniture strategically placed in the middle of a room also make excellent focal points and can instantly create visual interest in your interior.

Find a balance

When it comes to interior design, it’s all about creating a balance. Statement pieces should radiate both presence and style. Balancing large pieces of statement-making furniture with smaller ones, or loud colours and prints with calm simplicity will ensure that your statement piece doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

It’s also important not to fall into the trap of going overboard, by trying to fill your space with as many different statement pieces as possible. One or two per room is enough to make an impact. Filling your room with too many focal points can become overpowering and statement pieces can get lost in a mess of contrasting patterns, colours and materials.

Complement your statement piece

It’s important to consider the rest of your room when incorporating a statement piece. Using a complementary colour scheme and subtle accents around the room, for instance, will frame your statement piece and help to draw the eye to your desired focal point. Varying tones and shades will also help to blend contrasting styles in the room.

If your statement piece is an eye-catching gold, for example, hints of golds, greys and other neutral tones will complement your piece and ensure that your scheme is both striking and tasteful.