Lighting your home through the winter months

As the days get colder and darker, it may be time to rethink the way that your home is lit. Afterall, this year has been the year of cosy Scandinavian comforts; warm throws and candles – lots of candles. It only suits that, as the weather becomes cold and bleak, your home becomes more of a warm, snug haven.

Adjusting the lighting in your home may not be something that you think about frequently. In fact, many people neglect this area of design. Choosing your lighting carefully, however, is crucial when planning a well-designed room.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to warming up your home, is the distribution of lighting. Low-level, scattered lightingwill create more of a homely vibe. This can be accomplished by placing floor and table lamps strategically around a room, rather than having one harsh ceiling light. This season, softer/textured pieces of furniture are being chosen. Fabric, semi-opaquelamp shades will create an ethereal glow, making your home feel cosier and more intimate.

Choosing the right lightbulbs can transform the feel of an entire room, something which is often overlooked by homeowners. LED lightbulbs, for example, are not only much more energy-efficient, but the right LED bulb will emit a warm, white light. This will counteract the darker, cooler light from outside, without being too harsh or orange.

Recessed lighting and lighting within joinery, such as under-shelf and staircase lighting not only makes a room feel bigger and brighter, but can also help to highlight architectural features. When used correctly, recessed lighting can create visual interest, space and ambiance, but it’s important not to go overboard. Use lighting to highlight objects of interest, such as sculptures, statement pieces of furniture or framed artwork and use lighting to brighten up the walls and furniture, rather than the floor.

If introducing recessed and undershelf lighting into your scheme is too expensive or time-consuming for you, it’s easy to imitate the look. Attaching small lights to the bottom of shelves using adhesive strips or hooks can give the appearance of undershelf lighting, without the expense of having them installed professionally.

Dimmer switches are a must in order to create a warm and comfortable interior during the colder months. Offering more versatility and atmosphere, dimmer switches are great for the transition between the daytime and the evening, when a moodier feel is more desirable. Dimmer switches can also help to preserve lightbulb life and save energy during the colder months, when your energy bill may tend to spike.

If you don’t have dimmers installed in your home, a cheaper and easier alternative is to invest in plug-in dimmer switches. Plug-in dimmers allow you to vary the brightness of any floor or table lamp with a halogen bulb and can be an excellent tool for creating a warm atmosphere over the winter.