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Project Mabel

This property is my weekend home in Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Which is a seaside town on the East coast. The brief was the create a really comfortable home and that’s what we have created.

We have gone with the personality of the building which is a 19th century old farmhouse. This property is Grade II Listed and was the original farmhouse on a farm, all of the farmland is now new houses apart from this original lovely house.

We wanted to go for very warm colours and warm tones. We have some nice art and designed the scheme around our eclectic art collection which made the space very homely. Everything we chose was to tie art into the rooms and give a certain sense of balance.

We bought lots of antiques and mixed them with slightly newer pieces. We chose interesting antiques at different scales. The Chinese bed is a bold center piece which is being used as a coffee table, adding to the mix of more modern pieces and other treasures. The sunflower yellow arm chairs help to tie the room together and accentuate the eclectic collection of fine art. The warm tones of yellow and aubergine pulled from the art to highlight the rooms lively spirit, while furnishings were kept stylish yet comfortable to enhance that feel good factor.

For the more formal drawing room we chose art from our collection that was a little more classical, while still keeping the room comfortable. We took advantage of the incredible natural light in this space by choosing neutral tones for our larger pieces and wall coverings. We added depth and interest through contrast with pops of dark tones, taken from the paintings chosen. We also used sculptural art to create depth.

For the bathrooms, it was important to respect the ‘bones’ of the property. Being a listed, 19th century farmhouse we wanted to maintain a feeling of past era’s through the fixtures and finishes but also keep it relaxing and modern. We chose soft spa-like colours to play off the natural light and contrast the white the freestanding bathtub.

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