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With 30 years experience Sarah Ward has managed to stay ahead of interior design trends winning multiple awards in the process which made her one of the top interior designers based in London. She works extremely closely with clients to understand their requirements and the way in which they would like to live. Here are some of Sarah’s thoughts on interior design in London and what makes Interiors by Sarah Ward different to other interior design companies.

What do you enjoy most about interior design?

I love all the visual appeal of the spaces and products we get to work with. The variety of projects and the variation in the briefing process is always intriguing.  What we do is an expression of our client’s wishes.

How would you describe your style?

I like to think it is a moveable feast.  But always elegant.  My personal style is one of comfort and cosiness and I am happiest amongst a mix up of vibrant colour and texture.

What do you enjoy most about interior design?

Clients who are open to our ideas.  And of course a great end result, that is the best. Photoshoots!

What current design trends do you feel inspired by?

It’s a time of experiment and more eclectic than it has been.  That make it very interesting to explore.

Where do you get new ideas / inspiration?

Travel (time to reflect), magazines, visiting new bars and restaurants and hotels.

Do you think that London has a unique style you try to design around? 

It can do.  But it’s only as unique as the people who live in it.  Which covers a lot of ground.

What do you see as the upcoming design colours this winter?

Spiced honey.  All things warm.

When did you win your first award for interior design?

The first one we entered. 6 years ago – Evening Standard Best New Homes award for best London house under 10million

What do you think has allowed you to be an award winning interior designer in London?

I’d say really listening to the clients and taking on board the brief.  That together with knowing the market and current trends.

Interiors by Sarah Ward is a family run business do you think this gives you an advantage?  

I feel great about that and I think Rosie does too.  We get on very well and tend to have similar views at decision making times.  Yet we design independently which gives great scope within the studio.  I trust her judgement!

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